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Our enrichment programs expand our students’ school experience, helping foster social skills as empathy, self-confidence, and self-control as well as giving students extra motivation to persist and excel. Our enrichment programs offer opportunities for students to take creative risks and express themselves safely, where they can make discoveries they might not stumble upon anywhere else.

Our enrichment staff are real musicians, artists and athletes who share their expertise and enthusiasm.

All Preschool and International School students benefit from:

  • The Library
  • Music
  • Foreign Language (Mandarin Chinese and Spanish)
  • Art
  • Fitness
  • Technology

Fields of Knowledge

The Library

The Country Day School library contains over ten thousand volumes. These consist of fiction and non-fiction books, a parent library, a professional library and board games, card games, videos and DVDs.

Housed in the Great Hall, all the students have access to the library during the school day and after school as needed

Spanish/Mandarin Chinese

It is essential to expand children’s experiences of foreign languages and different cultures as the globe continues to shrink and today’s children prepare for tomorrow. Beyond simply knowing about a language and its culture, children need support to gain a deeper understanding and develop the ability to function within varied cultural contexts. Students learn to communicate with others, share basic information and simple ideas. They explore basic cultural beliefs and perspectives in both Spanish and Chinese cultures.


Technology is an integral part of everything we do at Country Day. From using digital photos and video to document a preschoolers work on a project, to the 1-1 iPad program in our Elementary classes, technology is utilized by all students and teachers to full advantage. The older students enjoy making stop motion mini movies and use power point for their presentations. Keyboarding skills are taught early and we are working with the use of blended learning using Khan Academy. All Country Day students will understand and utilize technology for research and learning.


Physical development is an integral part of the student’s well-being and their ability to participate fully in our educational offerings. Physical Fitness plays an important role in developing the greatest potential of every child through movement education, play and recreational activities. Nutrition effects fitness and students are encouraged helped to understand the value of making healthy food choice. A focus of our physical fitness program is to motivate children to participate in a variety of physical activities and to strive to do their very best. Students enjoy hiking in our woods by the creek, and playing in our gymnasium or on our sports field.


The goal of class music is to assist and encourage students in developing the following musical abilities:

  • Singing in tune individually and within a group, as well as development of a vocally healthy singing style.
  • Progression of rhythmic development from sense of steady beat to the ability to internalize rhythm patterns for use as
  • accompaniment to simple songs and chants.
  • Improved listening skills through aural musical directions, listening to self and others in performing, and directed
  • listening experiences utilizing music of many cultures, styles, and times.
  • Expression of musical skills in a variety of ways: singing, dance and movement, use of instruments, beginning music reading and creating/“composing.”


The goal of class art is to assist and encourage students in developing awareness and understanding of different mediums. Class art exposes children to many different media including: clay, wire, charcoals, pencils, paints and paper folding. As the children develop an understanding of these mediums they are then able to use their working knowledge of materials to make representational art. Students are also exposed to the work of classical artists and art history.

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