We hire the "who" and not the "what".


At KLA Schools we hire the “who” and not the “what”, considering who you are is as important to us as what you know. We are currently seeking individuals that are creative, team players, curious, and willing to be facilitators of children’s learning while believing in the child’s competency and potential. We are looking for professionals who embrace children’s ideas, points of view and participation in their learning experience; providing all the tools for the right person (who) to succeed no matter what you have accomplished in the past (what).

As a school, we appreciate and encourage our educators’ professional development as a resource in understanding more and more about the child’s thinking and learning processes. We provide an environment that fosters opportunities for our teachers to grow personally and professionally.

When you become part of our teaching team, you become part of a family of educators who are supportive, caring and passionate. Not just with children, but with each other.

Children begin to point, raise hands, and make different movements and sounds to communicate as the educator asks questions connecting to the movement or to the sound. Babies love to be spoken to. Your child will begin to imitate sounds they hear and experiment with different facial expressions like smiling and frowning.

Our educators prepare various large motor experiences inside the classroom, around the common areas of the school, and outside in the playgrounds and garden for your child to challenge themselves physically and develop gross motor skills. It is a time when children reach many milestones such as, turning over, sitting, crawling, standing, and maybe even take their first steps.

The “Who”

The environment is arranged so that children are exposed to their written name, establish a daily flow, create peer relationships, understand emotions and start to express their thoughts and ideas in simple sentences. By encouraging communication between the children they begin to understand the dynamics of a classroom community.

Our educators share stories that help build new vocabulary and also instill the interest to read. The teachers connect stories with objects and events in children’s lives so that they may begin to understand that print and pictures have a meaning.

A variety of opportunities are offered for children to experiment with art and drawing as they are able to make lines, zigzags, make a series of scribbles and begin to give meaning to the symbols they create. Educators create a rich environment to offer various possibilities to recognize common symbols, some letters, sometimes the first letter of their names, and drawing lines that begin looking like letters and shapes.

Educators begin to ask open-ended questions and plan brainstorming discussions to encourage children to verbalize their ideas and promote conversations amongst them. During these discussions the teachers take notes or make recordings to document children’s thinking. As children create theories and ask questions projects begin to emerge. Through projects children develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, collaboration, understanding cause and effect, sharing and how to be a member of a group.

• All about people
• Innovative
• Hard-working
• Always learning
• Team Player
• Passionate

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Teacher Testimonials

  • Working at KLA has been fascinating and quite the learning experience for me. In the 6 years I’ve worked here, I have gained many skills that improve my work as a teacher. Year after year the staff continuously strives to present us with a variety of productive tools that support our experience in the classroom. I can say with assurance that my performance as a teacher and my interaction with the children is much richer. Thanks to our frequent professional development meetings and interactive feedback from everyone involved, we, as teachers are able to offer quality and complexity to the children.

    – Iliana Zelaya   (Lead Teacher Class of the 4’s)

  • As an Early Childhood Education professional and as I had worked and interviewed for a couple of other preschools in the Miami area, I knew exactly the kind of environment and philosophy that I wanted to work in and I hadn’t found it just yet. As soon as I went in to KLA for my interview I felt a sense of family and warmth around the school. I remember thinking “I need to work here!” Going into my fourth year working at KLA Brickell, I can honestly say that everyone here is passionate in what we do. The image of the child that all the teachers have is something that is not seen often in other preschools, the children always come first and is our main philosophy. As teachers we are always learning and going through professional development, researching ways to best provoke children into their innate need to learn through experiences. As a new mom, is so scary thinking of leaving my child for the first time, but I can truly say that I would leave my baby blindly with any of the KLA teachers and in their beautiful and clean classrooms. Working here has been a wonderful experience and after working here I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!

    – Daiana Morales (Lead Teacher Class of the 3’s)

  • I applied for a teaching position at KLA 8 years ago, after schools inspired by the Reggio Emilio approach to education. I specifically remember in the Kindergarten classroom, on the wall there was an alphabet.  It was no ordinary alphabet. It was completely hand written by the children in upper and lower case letters, and along with each letter was a mini recorder.  When you pressed it, you would hear a child’s voice say something like, “B b-b-b- Balloon.”  This system was created with the children, and while it supported them academically, what I found most amazing about it was how it supported their independence. I knew I would be happy and fulfilled spending my days in this environment.

    – Shannon Williams (Lead Teacher Class of the 4’s)

  • I love working with children, and since I started working in KLA, I have fallen in love with the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. I now see how deep the mindset and thoughts of a child can go. It is important for me to help and be part of that impact that this philosophy leaves on the children. Working here, I have learned more about this approach and have started to integrate it into the daily lives of the children, because they truly deserve it.

    – Maria Baraona (Lead Teacher Baby Nido)

  • Working in KLA Schools Coral Gables has allowed me to know and learn about the Reggio Emilia’s Philosophy, which for me was a new philosophy. KLA made me see children’s education from the child’s perspective, understanding and embracing the child’s thinking through their actions and creations. Working in KLA schools has made me a professional with more capacity and knowledge about early childhood education.

    – Daniella Perez (Lead Teacher Nido)


  • Community environment – strong friendships with co-workers
  • Teacher discount for child care
  • Contributions to health, dental and vision benefits
  • Competitive wages
  • Generous paid time off policy & paid holidays for qualifying staff
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Growth opportunities
  • Support and appreciation from administration, owners & staff

*Benefits may vary based on location

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